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  • Zino from Aquarii

    The Zino is a 6" mid-bay LED down light. With the same smooth dimming curve as the Axceleron, the Zino is available 25W-75W, 3000K-5,000K and has an array of customization options.

  • The Zino is the baby brother of the Axceleron; just as much functionality and customization in a smaller package. The Zino is a 6" downlight ideal for mounting locations from 15 ft to 30 ft, where the Axceleron may be too large or powerful for the space. Areas such as under balconies, where smaller fixtures are needed, are the Zino's sweet spot.

  • Options:

    - Standard color temperatures of 3,000K, 4,000K and 5,000K are available; additional color temperatures can be special ordered

    - Standard CRI of 80; 90 CRI can be special ordered for choices below 4,000K

    - Beam angles of 14, 18, 28, 36, 70 and 110 degree

    - Constant, 0-10V, or DMX/RDM control

    - DMX connector options of standard terminal strip or XLR-5 Pin, RJ45 or IDC card.

    - Mounting style options include c-clamp, wall bracket mount, rigid pendant, slope adaptor pendant, air craft cable, yoke mount, and recessed kits for flat ceilings.

    - Off-white or black housings are standard with more than 150 ncustom RAL color or brushed aluminum options available

  • The entire Atollo series is available as either an E27 base or 3000k LED strip. The fixture ranges from IP20 to IP31, and is CE Listed only.

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